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Last week I was away on holiday in Spain, had a good week with some good warm weather except for a one day. I felt so much better for the warmth & was pleased we had been away due to very cold weather at home.


The few days before we left my peak flows had dropped a little & I was getting very breathless well that all developed into an awful chest infection & ended up having to get antibiotics on our second day there. I've now finished them but my chest has still not cleared and have now developed an awful cold and just can't seem to clear my sinuses. It has also triggered my asthma off and even with increasing my inhalers I'm coughing really badly, I know once I start like this it takes a long time for it to settle and very little helps apart from prednislone but I really don't want to go down that root if I can help it. Just trying to keep warm and keep an even temperature in the house because even a slight change can set me off coughing and cannot stop! So just trying to molly coddle myself at the moment until it settles. One good thing is that we still managed to relax & enjoy our holiday.


Barbara I hope you are now recovered from your chest infection and feeling back to normal.


If anyone has any suggestions as to what I can do to ease the symptoms do let me know. It is that time of the year when no doubt lots of us will be getting coughs & colds.



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I'm so sorry that you've contracted the Dreaded Lurgie that everyone in these parts seems to be suffering from!

Everywhere I go I hear -- cough, cough, cough! and I see people walking around like they've been dug up rather than turned out!


I'm feeling better but I say this cautiously because after a few days of feeling okay, I've started coughing again today! The antibiotics ran out last week and I felt as though it had gone apart from a runny nose and talking like I had a peg stuck on it.


I used to inhale steam over a bowl of hot water to relieve my sinuses, but overall I think you may need some pretty strong antibiotics -- this cold's a stinker!

Glad you enjoyed your holiday though, what a kick in the bottom coming home to such lovely weather!


I really wish you well. Keep warm as you say but look after that cough, my friend!


Lots of love and warm hugs

Barbs xxx

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