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elizabeth harris

Where do I begin?

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Dear Elizabeth,


Just wanted to say welcome and so sorry for the many problems this disease has caused. Will keep you in my thoughts. I can sympathize and empathize with some of the problems but I do not have anything to add to what has been offered already. We welcome you and your courage and strength.


With gentle thoughts.



A happy heart is good medicine.

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Hi again Elizabeth


There is a procedure for getting a second opinion in the NHS system.


You can ask either your specialist or general practitioner to arrange it. They will refer you to another NHS doctor who specialises in treating your condition. You can also ask for a second opinion from a private doctor.


Having a second opinion doesn’t mean the second doctor will take over your care. If you want the new doctor to treat you, this has to be arranged between the doctors or hospitals.



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Thank you jensue, for the info, I am vaguely famililiar with the name Carol Black, as many years ago 28 in fact, I was asked to fill out a questionair, but never heard anything from it. she was then doing research into scleroderma and shehas obviously stayed in this field.

I will talk to my general practitioner to see what my options are before standing on any consultant toes.


Dear Amanda, Thank you so much for taking the time to give me that info, if you read my reply to jensue, you will see that I almost had contact with dame Carol Black,

You are so right about my situation coming before the ettiquette thing, i am going to see my general practitioner and if it means a journey to London, roll on, anything is worth a chance at this stage.

many thanks.


Dear susie, Thank you for the lovely warm and sincere welcome, this site has already lifted my spirits Thank fully, andif in return I can offer any support to other sufferers I am only to willing.

Having a supportive family is such a big help and my heart goes out to those wwho are not so fortunate.


Thank you Peggy for that lovely response and your kind wishes, so far I am overwhelmed with the members on this site, so kind and so caring, this is as important as medication sometimes more important.

many thanks.


Dear Judy,Thankyou for your warm welcome and support, as I have said on other replies, I am overwhelmed by the support offered, as you all know only to well, this disease can make you feel so isolated and misunderstood, so thankyou again for taking the time.


dear lizzie

I see from the time of your reply we share a symptom. not being able to sleep, usually due to pain, Thank goodness for sky t.v and a kettle.

Yes will make an appointment for my general practitioner and enquire if there is a way I could just ask at the royal free if they have experience of patients where the disease has oblitterated the arteries and blood vessells, nothing ventured nothing gained.


Dear jefa

Thank you for those links, i found them both informative and will make enquiries through my general practitioner, what options I can take.

Thank you again for taking the time to give the information.


many thanks and much love to all, Elizabeth.

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