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Opthalmology appointment yesterday

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Thought I would give you an update.


My opthamologist told me that my eyelids are fibrosing. He said they are all white under my lids and could not believe I didn't notice how tight my lids were. I wondered what was happening to my crows feet. I thought it was something good that had happened. Half of my eyelashes are gone. My 2 little jowls are disappearing too. Not good.


He also said I have severe corneal swelling with dead areas on both corneas. It took me about 15 blinks to produce a tear. I had been having trouble with dry eyes again, eye aches and have been using refresh tears since last year. He wants me to use another artificial tear to clear it up and prevent more damage then depending on what everything looks like in 2 weeks he wants to place plugs.


Does anyone have any of these problems? Does anyone have plugs?


Thank goodness for friends, scrabble and the golden girls videos. Thanks for listening and any help you can muster up.


With gentle thoughts.



A happy heart is good medicine.

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Hi Judy, lack of crows feet good, fibrosing eyelids bad - didn't know that we could get eyelid fibrosis. I have recently been having eye problems. I posted a while ago about the problems I was having open my eyelids after I had been asleep. Eyedrops have helped , but my eyes are still really dry and are permanently red rimmed . I've haven't had an opthalmic exam recently so don't know if there are any corneal problems. Like you I have no crows feet and also really sparse lashes- can't even use mascara to make what is there look better as irritates my eyes. Unfortunately can be of no help whatsoever to you -other than to send good wishes.



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