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"Windburn" on arms

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Am sat in my study trying but failing to prepare for mock PhD viva on Wednesday (real one in a fortnight :( ). My concentration is poor at the best of time but today am being further distracted by not only skin itching but also a sore burning feeling on my arms, feel rather like when your skin gets chapped with the cold- except I haven't been out exposing my arms to the wind and rain. Feel like I want to put calamine lotion on them! I can't decide whether this is a new sclero delight or due to something else

(haven't started any new medications recently though). Has anybody else experienced this?



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Hello Lizzie


I think it's the SSc...why...because I don't like it.


I get skin stinging on my hands and feet which I describe as the stinging you get from a mild burn. Got no idea what causes it, it just comes and goes, pain medication works well in making it go though.


Pre diagnosis I tried calamine lotion on my itchy beyond belief feet and legs, bad move as it just made the skin tighter and start to sting and then oh yes itch. :( I tried it whilst at work and then had to wait until I got home to get it off....off...off!


Clearly I am not a doctor but it sounds of the same ilk as sclero, mine cerainly is.


Hope this helps.



Amanda Thorpe

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Hi lizzie,


I've been getting that burning chapped stingy feeling on my face and hands. It comes and goes too. I blame sclero for everything just about but I did think it was from the cold, maybe not. I will need to pay attention as to if it happens outside and or inside. Thanks.


With gentle thoughts.



A happy heart is good medicine.

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Lizzie sorry to hear your having more issues. I get the burning feeling on my Hands feet & arms along with some itching but I use amitriptylene to help with some of the nerve type pains.


Hope you get some relief soon so that it allows you to concentrate a bit better.


Take Care



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