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Mini flares in the midst of a large flare?

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Hello everyone. I'm going to try to word this as coherently as possible so I do not sound silly.


Ok, I consider my episode with CREST/UCTD a major flare. Currently being treated with medications, but notice that every once in a while, I will feel very puffy and swollen (from the inside out) and when laying down I can actually hear my pulse inside my head, like the pulsing in my ears. My right index finger will get especially swollen, shiny and itchy and red.

Also I'll feel extra stiff, more than usual. A couple of NSAIDs usually do the trick, and the mini flares last no more than a day.


Just wondering others experiences with this. I'm sure I am not the only one, but wanted some input on maybe what causes it or what you do to calm it down?




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Hi Karenlee,


That's something I've never experienced. But, I'm glad to know that NSAIDs help you! :) I can't take them anymore. 2 years ago when I was diagnosed with arthritis I used NSAIDs and ended up with a gastric ulcer :P . It was all down hill from there (not because of the med).


Take care.


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Hello Karen


Could your mini flares just be the disease by which I mean the symptoms are caused because the disease is live rather than it suddenly become active or worse?


I get the pulse in the ears thing when laying down sometimes but I have not paid enough attention to what else was going on to link it with anything.


I do realise this post has been no help whatsoever as it does not answer your questions.


Sorry, I've no doubt someone else will actually be helpful. <_<



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Hi Karen, sorry to read that you in one of your flares right now.

Regarding the heartbeat you can hear whilst laying down, I have this constantly and can also see my pulse in my neck when this is happening.

I have Tachycardia and am on medication to slow my pulse down, but from time to time I still get the palpatations.


take care


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Hi Karen,


After reading through a number of posts and through personal experience I think the autoimmune diseases can cause many symptoms. When in doubt I look them up. I have puffy itchy fingers and some days are worse than others. We are all so different with the presentation of what we have. The stiffness is a given for many of us. Hope this helps.


With gentle thoughts.



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Thanks for all your replies. I suppose it's just the disease that gets a bit uppity sometimes. Thankfully it doesn't last long just a bump in the road. I thought I was having a flare in a flare Lol! :P



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