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Why do I feel WORSE when my ANA is low?

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Is there any logical reason for this? When my centromere ANA is lower like it is now at 1:320 I am in terrible pain and am getting more tightness in my lower legs and hands. Yet when my ANA is super high like it was a couple years ago 1:1280 and 1:2560 I felt much better and could actually get out and be somewhat active. Why is that?

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Hi Wohali, I think that in SSc the level of ANA is not related to disease activity. They are members of this forum who have diffuse disease but no ANA.

You could feel worse now than you did before because, although your ANA is lower you have had some disease progression.


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I think the ANA level is a red herring because you can be negative whilst the sclero gallops all over your body. :( That being the case whether it's high or low doesn't seem to coinside with anything.


As Lizzie suggested perhaps feeling worse now is disease progression?



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I'm not sure if the disease is progressing or not. I mean I keep having so many medical tests done which leads to more tests and more mystery as to what is really going on. I noticed my skin was tightning in hands and legs a few days ago but then always seems like in winter my hands get worse. I couldn't even feel my feet touching the ground when I walked today.


And yes it is getting really cold here. It snowed on Sunday though only a couple inches, but the daytime high has only been in the 40's. I have been achey, but also the fatigue is unlike anything I have felt before.

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