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My Brother Honored For Veterans Day

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My younger brother was on TV on 11th Nov. on a show entitled "Heroes At Home". It is sponsored by a major department store, and hosted by Howie Long, the famous football player (American). He and 5 other service people were treated to a home make over of sorts, while he was doing the interview, little did he know he would come back to a house full of furniture and needs for him and his new wife and baby daughter. It was quite touching, and made my eyes swell with pride and emotion. Him and his platoon were ambushed last year, the Medic was killed, and his Sergeant was shot. He was given a purple heart, and silver star medals for dragging his Sarg to cover essentially saving his Sergeant, while he took a bullet in the left foot that has rendered him to wheel chairs and crutches, while under going 5 operations. He is an inspiration to me, and when I have bad days with my disease, I think of him and his struggles and that keeps me going. Bless our service men and women, no matter what we may think of the wars, and our politics.

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Thanks for sharing with us, John. And I second your "Bless our service men and women" statement. They're special people.


Bless you, too,


Love makes the world go around!

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Thank you for sharing this. Please tell him a big "THANK YOU FOR HIS SERVICE" from me! I have a son overseas and we flew our flag with great pride on Veteran's Day. We can't wait to have him home and we are so very proud of him. Again, please tell him THANK YOU!


Warm hugs,



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I watched that program with awe and pride for the ultimate sacrifice our soldiers give each and every day. I was so happy to see something special done for our Heroes. I know you are so proud of your brother. I watched and listened to his amazing story. His courage and tenacious spirit is inspiring! I wish him continued healing and his family many blessings!


Kindest regards,


Live well, Laugh often, Love much

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John, the pride you feel is well deserved.


I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone, who is a vet or is presently serving their country.


Peggy, I also want to thank your son for his continuing service and anyone else who has a relative who is serving...please thank them for me :rolleyes:


How wonderful, your brother was recognized for his service...even better that he and his new little family received a makeover for his home.

What a brave thing he did, to save his sargent. I wish him the best with his recouperation and hope that he has a good outcome.


Thank you for posting this special news!



Special Hugs,


Susie Kraft

ISN Support Specialist

ISN Chat Host

International Scleroderma Network (ISN)

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