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A Random Topic On Milk.. And Calcium..

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My dad keeps telling me my leg is only getting sorer because I don't drink milk or have enough calcium intake. I'm taking his word for it(not sure if its true at all) so right now I've poured out a bowl of cereal and I poured 1 glass of milk into it. I still find it really hard to drink it(i just don't like the taste of it).

i'm just wondering has anyone any ideas of a high calcium food/drink(or even milk with something added to it?)


p.s - i don't eat cheese either..

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Hi Louise,


I can't use any dairy products and do take a calcium and a vitamin D supplement (doctor approved), as well as using soy milk with added vitamins and calcium/D. If you are a bit turned off by how it might taste, get the light or low fat, unflavored soy milk since it doesn't have any "beany" aftertaste. Some are sweetened and have vanilla or chocolate, but I don't care much for them, although you might. You can also use it to make oatmeal, for baking, etc. and it's really quite good--once I got past the mental block.


Here in the States I've also bought cans of powdered whey protein, and added that to milk (best to use a blender) before I bottomed out on dairy tolerance. Unfortunately, dairy was causing my feet to swell even more. The powders don't have any added sugar, are natually sweet, and come in different flavors, so it was like a milkshake for breakfast. I do miss those!


Hopefully you'll get to the bottom of what's causing your leg to get worse ASAP, and it would be great if it were as simple as adding calcium to your diet. Check with your doctor before adding too much, checking blood calcium levels and all, since you can also have problems with too much.


Take care, and best wishes to you!



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You can try the little calcium chocolates thatyou can buy over the counter. I took them when I was pregnant. They taste pretty good. Chocolate soy milk is really yummy also, and it's got lots of protein and iron in it as well!



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I don't like milk and I've gone non-dairy all together. You can also try rice milk, oat milk, almond milk, milk based on potato starch, and multi-grain milk. I personally like rice milk which has a consistency of skim without the pasteiness of soymilk. Chocolate almond milk is also tasty!


A cup of broccoli contains about the same amount of calcium as a cup of milk. There is as much or more calcium in 4 ounces of firm tofu or 3/4 cup of collard greens as there is in one cup of milk. There are lots of veggies that in the right amounts can have as much or more calcium than milk: spinach, broccoli, tahini, sesame seeds, almonds, calcium-set tofu, soybeans and soynuts, bok choy, collards, Chinese cabbage, kale, mustard greens, and okra; grains, and beans (other than soybeans).


I take 1000 mg of calcium and have a script for boniva to prevent boneloss from the prednisone.


Hope this helps,



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