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What Was The Environmental Spark!

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A very interesting topic.




I think the cause of my scleroderma is directly related to (1) genetic predeposition (my sister has lupus) and (2) exposure to a toxin that killed over 1000 people (when I lived in Spain). I think the scleroderma was perhaps "dormant?"




But I have no doubt that my scleroderma was activated by a tremendous amount of (1) lack of sleep and (2) tremendous stress that I experienced 3 years ago. I spent months assisting my son as he went through a very messy divorce and caring for my grandaughter. He often said to me, "Mom, you don't ever sleep!"




Sounds to me like there are possibly many triggers that vary from person-to-person, but I feel prolonged, excessive stress and lack of sleep are high triggers.




Hugs to all,





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In my case I tend to think about stress as being the number one cause for my problems.


When I was 6 my father died and I was diagnosis with psoriasis shortly thereafter. Then my daughter was diagnosed with MS after the birth of her second child. then I was diagnosed with scleroderma after my divorce.


I wonder, could the psoriasis have opened the door for me along with the stress of the divorce?


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