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Cellcept Dosage 2g Vs 3g

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Hi there,

I just met with my Rheumatologist and he wants to up my dose of Cellcept from 2 to 3grams due to my rapid progression. I was wondering, of those who are on cellcept, what dosage are you taking? Is it typical to take 3 grams? For some reason I thought 2 grams was the typical dose, and I am a bit nervous about upping it.


Thanks for the information.



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Hi Heather! I'm sorry to hear about the progression of your sclero, but I'm happy to see that you have a Dr. who's willing to treat it aggressively. I too was on CellCept for a while, taking 500 mg. I took such a small dose since I only weigh about 90 lbs. and my progression was mild.


I understand that going up to 3 grams seems like a big step. I hope your body tolerates the increased dose well so you can start feeling better soon.


Your son is beautiful by the way. Healing tropical wishes your way, Claudia

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Guest Jennifer


I started at 1.5, then 2 and up to 3 grams, and like Lori, it was only if my body could handle it. My Dr. did say they had not experimented with over 3 grams for sclero treatment.

I weigh 120, if you care to factor that in. I have not had side effects so far...but wonder if there will be problems in the future. Oh well, live for today.

Take it easy,


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I've been on 2g for a year. I'll be asking to go up to 3g at my appt on the 30th regardless of my PFT's because of the increase in my other symptoms.


I'm worried that because my other symptoms have increased, my PFT's will have decreased.


Good question because I have wanted to know how common a 3g dosage is too. I have also noticed that a lot of lupus patients have started on Cellcept.

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