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Does anyone here have this? I got it in the summer of '05 and at first the slightest touch across the skin on my thigh felt like someone was slashing me but otherwise the skin was numb, then deep severe pain in my thigh muscle started and has not let up. The doctor says it is a compressed nerve in the groin, not related to the sclero. Some days it feels like my skin is being torn off the muscle. It is awful, and the skin itself is numb, yet feels like a slash when I run my fingernail lightly across it. Lyn

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Sorry you are having pain. I do not have that type of nerve pain. I am not a doctor but was just wondering if one of your doctors has tried neurontin or something of that sort to help you. It may not even work on that type of nerve pain but wouldn't hurt to ask your doctor if maybe it would. There might be a contraindication for its use. The worst anyone can say is no. Hope you find relief soon.


With gentle thoughts,



A happy heart is good medicine.

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Lyn I have also ben diagnosed with this by my Rheumatologist, like you I find the pain in my thigh muscle drives me crazy at times & always seems to be worst when I'm sitting. I do take amitriptylene for nerve type pain, it does help a little but when its bad I find standing or lying down helps and sometimes heat packs on the thigh. My doctor did say there was little that they could do.

Hope you find find some relief from the pain.



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