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Blood test ranges

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Hi Everyone,


I have searched the web and can not find a site that explains the values/ranges/normal, etc. for the Vitamin D, D2, & D3. Gareth's Vit D level came back *low* but I can't find the ranges for the numbers. I can't find a site that explains the values/ranges for IgA, IgG, & IgM either. His IgA is high and I do know that the last time his IgA was high, he had a stomach ulcer. If anyone has a favorite site that explains these levels would you, please, PM me? I would appreciate it......thanks.


Take care, Everyone.


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Hi Margaret,


Can not remember the web sites where I found the levels for vit d's but I believe one level said 30 or above up to around 60 for a safe level. On the lab copy there should be a normal level for that lab company performing the test. Some labs have different values. Hope that helps alittle. There are a couple articles on this site too. The Iga level I can't help at all with, sorry.


Hope Gareth is feeling better soon.


With gentle thoughts,



A happy heart is good medicine.

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