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Eye involvement in Scleroderma

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Any one is having eye involvement in scleroderma.

I have been having intermittently once or twice a week for few hours blurry right eye.

I went to my eye doctor and checked out the eye.

He checked out and did not find any issue with the eye. It started about three weeks ago.

He asked to use moisturizer. One thought he had about start of allergy season in northern California with onset of rain three weeks ago. I used to take allegra on daily basis and stopped it over a year ago. Just to experiment, I took a dose of Allegra yesterday and no blurriness in the last couple of days.

Kind regards,





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Yes, Kamlesh, my eye involvement was the first port of call for scleroderma. It started with intermittent blurred vision. This was due to dry eye. Then from there it was all downhill: pain, infection, blurred vision. It is controlled with anti-inflammatory creams and cortisone drops, but it is always there to varying degrees. Some days more tolerable than others. Try those eye drops (fake tears); I can't recall the name. See if that can give you some comfort and maybe if that dry eye symptom is settled then the rest may not follow.


Good luck.




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Hi Kamlesh,


My eyes are bothered with scleroderma changes. The under part of my eyelids according to the opthamologist is sclerosing and becoming fibrosed, making the lids very tight. My eyes are also very dry along with my nose and mouth. Artificial eye drops worked ok for awhile and now I have the punctal plugs in which are suppose to help keep my eyes moist. Still use artificial tears though but only 2 or 3 times a day as apposed to every hour.


If the allegra is working then it sounds like your doctor was right.


With gentle thoughts,



A happy heart is good medicine.

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Hello Kamlesh


When a new symptom appears it's difficult to determine whether it's scleroderma or A.N. Other at fault. Personally I hold scleroderma responsible for everything, if you view the footage carefully you can see sclero hiding on the grassy knoll.


I have had unusual eye problems, unusual as in not had them before, and as they occured during winter I don't think they're allergy related, unless of course I am allergic to myself! Possible I suppose as my husband is allergic to, now get this...his own sweat. :lol:


I am glad you have found relief though and my sympathy to those who have ongoing eye issues, it's extremely unpleasant for a short period so I can't imagine what it must be like on a continuous basis.


Take care.



Amanda Thorpe

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