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Hello, okay I have a question, I had surgery in 2004 on my neck. I have a neck fusion c45c67 and have 2 cadaver parts for discs a metal plate and 6 screw. Two years later I was diagnosed with scleroderma crest. I get asked by family and friends if it is possible to have gotten it from a cadaver part. I asked my doctor but they say no. I thought I would throw that out there to see if anyone else has had a similar experience. Jetta

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Hi Jetta ,


I don't know the answer to the cadaver part but my son (20 years old) has five 4"screws in his one hip from surgery done 2 years before he was diagnosed with sine Sclero/UCTD. I guess one could say that 'stress' could have played a larger role in it.


Take care, Everyone.


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Hi Jetta,


This question interested me because 4 years before I was diagnosed with sclero, I had 2 surgeries that used cadaver grafts. I'd asked my doctor at the time what the risks were of using allografts (cadaveric tissue) and he said there were so many sterilizing processes used, as well as things done to remove any DNA/RNA, that the risks were virtually nil.


After you posted the question, I did some web research and most all the articles that I found from reputable sources dealt with a sort of reverse situation - autoimmune systems causing rejection of the implanted tissue or organ.


ISN has some info on a condition called Graft vs. Host that you might want to read.


I think I agree with Margaret. Did the cadaver parts cause the scleroderma? Nobody knows. But the stress of the surgeries? Sure can't have helped.


Hope this helped a bit. Hugs,



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