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I took the below from a different topic as I wanted to make it it's own. Anyone know anything about the vitamin C. I just read the post regarding the vitamin D...I guess it is all related


I just received my blood work results and along with the normal....low Vitamin D, Anti-SCL-70 and the high ANA....they gave me something else to worry about. My Vitamin C is 0.0, I did not think that could even be possible but it is.


Does anyone have any idea on what the means. I have read a few things on the internet but I truly value everyone's opinion on this forum. This whole thing is just way too scary.

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I don't have any info on vit c/d but no doubt someone here will.


I wanted to say sorry your blood results are what they are and yes it is all a bit overwhelming in the beginning. There's so much broad info on the internet that it's hard to take it just in the context of your own situation.


You are definately moving in the right direction seeking info/experience of others and I trust they will soon come in with answers/suggestions regarding the vit c/d query.


Take care. :)



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Hello Looking,

Are you taking a multi vitamin? My rheumatologist said Vit D deficiency is very common with sclero patients as we don't spend time in the sun, which helps the body absorb it. So he recommends a multi every day. However he also said not to overdo the Vit C because it can contribute to collagen production. I think what he meant was if taking the multi, don't take extra C etc. Always best to ask your doctor about these things!

Love, Mary in Philly

Diffuse sclero; diabetes; hypertension; GERD with Barrett's

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Good Morning;


Yes, I am taking a multivitamin (corvite free tabs). In addition to that I am taking extra vitamin c and a prescription vitamin d. I did here that the vitamin C builds up collagen but the doctor did not seem to worry about that.


The best news is...since starting the vitamin c, the pains in my legs have subsided a bit. After researching severe vitamin C deficiency I did learn that this is associated with leg pain. So...I did want to share that.

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