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A birthday wish for David Knaggs

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:rolleyes: I really hope that I can do this on here.I know that in New Zealand its already Jan.6th.That happens to be David Knagg's birthday and I wanted to wish him a happy birthday. It also happens to be my oldest son's birthday as well and I remember Sherrill and I having that in common. So I wanted to wish David the very best birthday although I'm sure it could be very different for him now. So David have a good day and we think of you often. Mary

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Hi Mary,


It's very kind of you to remember David's birthday. I still miss Sherrill terribly, and all her entertaining stories of life in New Zealand.


I'm moving this thread to Sclero Den, where we discuss things not directly related to medical issues. Sclero Forums members need to log in in order to see Sclero Den, which is right above the main forum. We'll see the well-wishers there!

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Hi Shelley I sort of figured thats where I would find his greeting.I too miss Sherrill so much and I hope that David is doing okay.Do you happen to know how her mom is?Sherrill worried about her mom so much and she was up there in age so she had reason to be concerned. I hope that you and yours are doing well too.Oh and do yu ever hear from Heidi?I miss her too.Take care Shelley and thanks for always being there for us.Smiles,Mary

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Mary, it was so thoughtful of you to bring this up, here.


I also wish David a very happy birthday...I know it is past now, but hope he is doing well as can be.


David was a wonderful caregiver of Sherrill.


Like I know David does and Shelley mentioned...I also miss Sherrill so very much...every time I sign on here, see her photographs...or something else causes me to think of her, I remember her fondly.


Yes...I've also wondered about Sherrill's mom...a great artist in her own right, as well.


Loving Hugs to all who post here.



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