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I looked in the ISN section on Treatments for skin fibrosis and didn't see anything about cytoxan but did find a 2003 study on Fibrosis regression induced by IVIg treatment.


Cytoxan has been found to be successful for scleroderma pulmonary fibrosis, but I haven't found anything on skin fibrosis. It will be interesting to hear if someone has had success with either of these treatments. I do get IVIg treatments every 6 weeks and have for the past 1.5 years, but I never really had skin involvement except on my hands during year one. My IVIg is treatment for my polymyositis.


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I've been on IV cytoxan 4 of 6 treatments, 1 a month. Cytoxan is also available in pill form. It takes 4-5 hours in an infusion room and I'm very tired after. I breathe much clearer and my skin is softer and supple especially on my hands and neck. I've met people who have done several rounds of this type of cytoxan and I hear it must be monitored for toxicity. I meet with my rheumatologist 10 days after each treatment for a check up and blood work. I also work FT, so it is rather time consuming.


I believe my rheumatologist chose cytoxan because of the severity of my lungs as it has also has been shown to be effective in slowing or stopping lung progression. It is how one doctor wrote, " sledge hammer to your immune system."



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