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Anyone Heard of This Weird Nose Thing?

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Hi All,


I just want to throw this weird thing out there. Here goes, I have had itching on both sides of the outside of my nose by the nostrils. I have had this for a few years, a few months ago I started getting cracks on the inside of one of my nostrils up towards the tip of my nose.


I sleep with a CPAP, my husband feels that the CPAP is causing the problem, but my nose was itchy before I had the CPAP.


The crack is deep, it looks as if someone took a scissors and cut my nose. It is very painful. It healed once but now it is back. I've put extra emollient night cream on my face every night for over twenty five years now, as my skin has always been dry even when I was very young.


The night cream has the same consistency as petroleum jelly. Anyway, I know this sounds really goofy, but if anyone has had this I would be interested in hearing your story.


Thanks in advance,



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Hi there, Cher...


It sounds like a dryness issue, your tissues get dry and fissures develop as a result. You can try using humidifiers and simple saline sprays to make you more comfortable.


Do you also have dry eyes?


With the dry skin and nasal dryness it made me think of Sjögren's Syndrome which can tend to "come along for the ride" with other connective tissue disorders.


If I remember correctly you are going to an eye doctor here soon and you should have him check at that time for dry eye. If you anything like me and have had it your whole life you might not even know that you have it, because to you dry might be the norm.


One thing that many do not realize with dry eye is that our eyes water for no reason... so we think "how in the world can we have dry eyes if they are always tearing up?" The fact is that those tears are more of the consistency of saline and do not have any lubricating fluids in them.


I find that using saline sprays for the nasal discomfort and keeping my bedroom humidified makes things more comfortable (especially in the winter).


Hope this helps.




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Hi Cher ,


My son, Gareth, also uses a CPAP machine with nasal plugs at night. He's had a red, cracked nose for years. I have to rub Neosporin ointment (not the cream) on the inside of his nose every night or he will wake up all raw/sore. I always figured it was a mild allergy to the plugs.


Take care, Everyone.


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I have Sjogren's and I have that too. Mine is actually ok right now, but when it is there it HURTS!!!!!!! I use a topical antibiotic cream on it and an saline nasal gel I have.


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