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No, not mine, I'm now into multiples of the ages of my two youngest!


My #3 child, who lives way up on the Montana/Canada border, was recently rapidly approaching her 30th birthday.


I felt bad that she couldn't come home for the occasion (which falls on Valentine's Day). Her little sister had been talking about taking time off and going up to celebrate with her, but suddenly realised that her wedding was going to use up all of her time off. Well, gee, that's why #3 couldn't use her vacation to come home unless she wanted to skip the wedding! :blink:


Somehow it was arranged that since I was physically the closest (in distance) and the only one retired with endless free time (I wish!), I would be the designated family representative. So off I went...


Sometime during the 2-day drive*, my soon-to-be son-in-law called the birthday girl and told her that I was coming to stand suicide watch! Can I divorce him before he even officially joins the family? :huh:


Long story shortened, it was a wonderful trip. Do you all know how much fun it can be for an old(er) lady to hang out with a bunch of 30-something girls? I laughed so much my ribs hurt. We played board games, cooked together, ate more than we should have, did our best to stimulate the local economy, had a chick-flic night and just had a blast.


I have, of course, done nothing but complain about how boring, cold, tiring, blah blah blah, the trip was since I got home. I want to be the designated co-celebrant again next year!! :lol:


*Wouldn't have taken that long if I hadn't kept stopping for photo-ops! Truly wonderful scenery! And huzzah for digital, idiot-proof cameras....


Just thought I'd share that!

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Hello Jeannie


Hooray for good times and they're even better when enjoyed with our nearest and dearest.

Maybe some of the photos could find their way to the photo gallery?


I remember being 30 (now I sound ancient at only 40!) and how different life is now to what it was back then. I'd never ever have guessed the U turn my life would take within the following 10 years..would I change it...NEVER!!...I wouldn't be the person I am today otherwise.


I wonder if your daughter feels older, I never do. I was communicating privately with one of our forum members who is younger than me and never thought of myself as old or older until I read in a forum post how pleased she was to have found someone her own age and it wasn't me! Oh I felt sooo old, it was totally weird! :lol:


Take care



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That sounds like a lot of fun. Having just returned from a trip to California to visit my family, I can attest to how energising AND exhausting the company of thirty-somethings can be. I can't remember ever being that much fun when I was thirty.


Well, maybe... :lol:

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Well, she says she doesn't feel older and turning 30 was no big deal, but when she turns 40, if I'm still around, I might have to keep a close eye on her. When I told the other sibs about that remark, they laughed and said since I was definitely still knocking the socks off most people half my age, they expected I would still be around making a nuisance of myself at 90 or 100. :lol:


I sure don't (mostly) feel my age, at least mentally! Ain't nuthin' going to make me grow up!


I'll see if I can figure out how to reduce my photo file sizes enough to post one or two photos.


Big hugs and lots of candles on all of our birthday cakes!

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Birthday parties are such a gas! My youngest boy and youngest girl are 4 days (and 19 years) apart. Last year we threw a big BBQ in their honor. Imagine having one turn 40 and one turn 21 at the same time - I had to be very strict with myself in order to prevent embarrassment. I came very close to singing "Where have all my babies gone?" to the tune of "Where Have All the Flowers Gone." :lol:

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