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Lung CT - Scared of Results

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I hope the nodule showing up on your CT scan proves to be nothing serious. I completely understand how unnerving it is to have test results that say anything but "normal". If the pulmonologist and radiologist both agree that the nodule is small and you should wait six months to have it rechecked, perhaps it isn't something to worry about right now. I know it's hard to wait and see. Maybe they can recheck in three or four months instead.


I will be hoping for the best outcome.




Live well, Laugh often, Love much

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I just had my CT done yesterday - now I am just waiting for the results. I finally got an appointment to see a rheumatologist on 3/24 who specializes in autoimmune disorders and treats others with this disease. I am working on getting in to see a pulmonologist. So much waiting. At least there are fun things to do whilst I wait. It is snowing today and I am hoping to get out and ski (with lots of hand warmers and gloves).


Has anyone found massage to be helpful in managing the Raynaud's? I already see a reflexologist who works to keep the muscles in my legs and tendons in my feet as flexible as possible and I was thinking about having her work on my arms and hands to see if that reduces the reaction to cold in my hands.



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The only thing I found helps the Raynaud's is taking Diltiazem plus sleeping in 2 pair of socks in winter, 1-2 pair in summer, wearing gloves outside in winter and avoiding touching cold things.

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