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Spent the day looking for my glasses

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I spent a large part of the day searching everywhere for my glasses and was slowly going insane because I knew that they had to be somewhere obvious but for the life of me just could not find them!


I am always very careful to place them in their case next to the bed when I go to sleep because they are those frameless lightweight kind that seem to search for inventive ways to get damaged but they were not in the case.


I kept sending poor Loki under the bed to look and he kept giving me the funniest look himself and hopping in my lap and licking my face which is a definite no-no when he is supposed to be doing his service dog stuff and not playing around.


I checked all the usual places like the counter-top in the master bath and the drawer of my nightstand and the unusual places like in the fridge (maybe I put them there when getting a drink) and the bath-tub (I was getting desperate).


I even emptied all the trash cans and searched through the refuse just in case I accidentally tossed them in there.


By this time Loki was no longer speaking to me and was shooting me disgusted doggie looks because I had sent him to his bed since he kept clambering into my lap when I was busy looking and I was near tears and exhausted, so I decided to lay down for a bit and take a nap hoping that inspiration would strike when I woke up slightly more refreshed.


I climbed into bed and took off my glasses to put them in their case.................................. B)


Yep, I had been wearing them the whole time! :blink:


Loki was instantly called to my bed so I could apologize to him where he proceeded to take my glasses out of my hand, walk in a circle then drop them in my lap with a snort, but a few scratches in favored spots and being allowed to sleep on my pillow soon made his world perfect again.


I called my husband to tell him that I found my glasses, but I think I will wait a bit to tell him where I found them!



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Oh Penny...this brings another smile to my face! The picture is worth a thousand words!


I can actually still read without my glasses, so I normally park them on the computer cabinet, so I can locate them for computer use, TV watching and when I drive (or backseat drive for my hubby)!


However! I'm good for leaving them in the bedroom, the bathroom, on top of the dryer....YOU know!

...They are never where I "left" them!

As if I don't have enough of a fulltime job finding my OWN glasses...every so often, my mother or my hubby catch my "where are my glasses" symptoms...like I was the last to wear them :blink: !lol


Oh well...so it goes!

Special Hugs,


Susie Kraft

ISN Support Specialist

ISN Chat Host

International Scleroderma Network (ISN)

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Oh Penny ~ you tell such an entertaining story. I've been in that same exact place a few times, sad to say.

Thanks so much for the grin...

Much love,

Nina (DE)

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Hey Penny,


What a riot! I do that all of the time. I have a habit of putting my glasses on my head like a headband. I ask all of my boys if they have seen them, and usually one of them take them off of my head and say" I found them for you" ha ha ha. Life is a song so sing along.



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This made me giggle so as I'm always losing or forgetting where I put things. I often lose my glasses to find them :blink: on my head I've even done what you have Penny and found I was wearing them ;) after looking for hours. I even left my sun glasses on top of my car while I took off my jumper to only realise 7 miles down the road I didn't have them hahaha only coz I couldn't see the map. I drove back to the car park to find they had been run over by another car :unsure: and squashed to a pulp, :mellow: now I can look back and find it very funny but at the time I was fuming and my kids didn't help either coz they were in stitches haha....


live life for today and not for tomorrow


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