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Dishwasher experiment

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Any kind of water exasperates the healing "dead skin" on my finger ulcers when they get wet for a while so I have not been doing dishes, but I think I can now. :)


I loaded up the dishwasher withOUT pre-washing or even getting off all the food from the plates, I just let them soak in hot water for awhile and put them in.


It turned out great! Even my coffee cups!


I did not load it really full like I used to, but who cares if I have to run it more often if they all turn out clean! At least I am taking back a chore that I used to do with pride, a labor of Love.


Thanks again Razz for making me rethink about my dishwasher,



Diffuse Scleroderma Diagnosed March 2009

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Hey KD8410!


I am such a slow poke. I just scrolled down the screen and found your message.


I am so happy for you. Yippeee :lol: !! That's the best feeling ever! Finding a way to do a house chore differently, yet perfectly. I like your idea about pre-soaking the dishes. You made my day! Happy dance, happy dance. :)


You know doing dishes was always a big deal with my daughters, no one wanted to do them. I would end up washing them and my fingers ulcers would ache.


Ever since the arrival of my dishwasher 3 years ago, it's been smooth sailing! I love my dishwasher. This one even has an upper and lower sprinkling system.


See what a little rethinking does? Thanks for letting know how you've taken back a household chore!




Live well, Laugh often, Love much

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