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Hand and Foot Problems

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Hi Everone,


I just was wondering if anyone else has experienced this before. I have had the tops of my hands swelling for years now. Latley though the tops of my feet are swelling. Along with the swelling now is coming a squeezing feeling. In my feet it feels like I am wearing really really tight shoes when I don't have any on. In my hand it feels like someone is shaking my hand and squeezing it it very tight.


Thanks in advance, I just wanted to throw it out there.



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My feet are constantly hurting. They started swelling in the fall, and then became warm and tender, then painful and stiff...hard to walk. Wearing shoes hurt them, even socks. I asked my doctor about it, and he referred me to the rheumatologist in December. My knees were becoming stiff, and my hands had already been swelling (before my feet), but I thought it was due to the carpal tunnel syndrome I had in the summer. I thought the surgery would have lessened it, but of course, it was the scleroderma that caused the CT.


It was in December that my rheumatologist knew it was scleroderma just by looking at my feet. She could see that other joints were losing range of motion and my lower legs were hardening as well as my feet. After blood tests, x-rays, echocardiogram, etc., I am living with scleroderma. I still need to consult with a cardiologist this week for there is some heart hypertension.


I can handle the stiffness in the hands and other joints pretty well because the pain there is minor. But my FEET feel like rubber bands tightening around them, expecially at the ankles. The tops of my feet look like permanent Raynaud's with splotches of white and red. The skin is tight, hard and tough, and they hurt even to wear socks. Most times the blanket and even the sheet is irritating when I try to sleep.


Some days are better than others, but even standing or walking for a short time is difficult to endure. I am so sorry you, too, are experiencing such pain in your feet. I keep hoping it will subside, but not yet. I am sure there are many with the same pain, even worse.


Let's keep our hearts joyful! It is a new day tomorrow.


Kindest regards,


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Thank You Honey,


I never thought about tightening rubber bands, but yes, that sounds right.

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