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Congratulations, Jeannie McClelland

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Just can't wait to share this item from the newsroom:


Jeannie McClelland: ISN Sclero Forums Manager. Jeannie has been promoted from ISN Sclero Forums Support Specialist to ISN Sclero Forums Manager. Jeannie, who has also known as J.J. Knitter, has been training for this position for the past month. In this new position, she will be responsible for the management, development and training for Sclero Forums. Posted 03-16-09.


As J.J. Knitter, Jeannie has been a long standing member of the Forums. When we became aware of her skills and talents in her new volunteer roles, we decided to ask her to join the management team as ISN Sclero Forums Manager. In this role, Jeannie will oversee the smooth function of the message boards and the development of tools to enable all of us to make the most of the forum experience.


Congratulations, Jeannie -- you will be a terrific leader for a great team.

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Dear Jeannie,


Thank you for accepting this promotion and for surviving, in grand style, our rigorous (but incredibly fun!) training program by Carrie this past month. I'm sure you were totally amazed by how much work goes into the forums administration behind the scenes to keep everything running in tiptop shape.


Your enthusiasm, kindness, exceptional skills and generous availability make you a perfect fit with our totally outstanding world-class forums support team and we are all very glad to be able to tap into your management abilities, as well.


So, as you see, we are all doing the Sclero Happy Dance to have you as our new Forums Manager!

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Oh dear, I'm blushing! :D


The thanks go to all of you - for your helpfulness, patience, and most of all, the caring friendships. I've gotten so much from the ISN and every single person here, from the newest Forum member right up to our first member (and founder) Shelley , that I'm very pleased to be able to give something back.


So I salute you all!

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Congratulations Jeannie on your promotion! Your knowledge combined with your great sense of humor are a huge asset to this board. Thank you for your continued contribution and dedication in helping others living with and understanding scleroderma. You're the best!!




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