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The weekend started out okay, we got an early start on our trip to PA, traffic was moderate and the dog was snoring away in his crate in the back seat.


About halfway into the drive (about three hours in) just about every joint in my body went on revolt and I swear I could feel every small pebble on the highway. Then, as we neared my parents house it was as if every deer in PA was standing on the edge of the road looking for us and the moment they spotted us they bambi-bounced out to do a tap dance on the asphalt before dashing back into the dark, meaning my hubby was constantly slamming on the brakes.


We got there around 1 AM and had to bring everything into the basement where our guest room is located to discover that they had forgotten to turn on the heat to the basement so it was freezing. We finally had the dog settled in and climbed into bed at 2 AM.


The next morning we were woken at 8 AM because my Mom wanted to go antique shopping and to craft stores and.... the list went on and on. I lasted until noon then had to be brought back and ended up in bed until we left the next day at noon. I felt horrible that I could not attend the family gathering that was going on but I just could not move.


We had an uneventful trip home with little traffic and got home around 7 PM and after unpacking I settled down to chat, not quite with it but the idea of the company felt good. Then POOF, my computer dies. One moment it is fine and I am in chat and the next there is no power and no response. I get so upset that my contact with the outside world is gone that I send myself into one of my stomach attacks and end up in the ER on fluids until 6 AM Monday morning.


I went tonight with my computer to the Geek Squad and am told that it is gone for good and they are not sure if they can save any of my files... all my photography, two novellas and a novel, poems, medical reports and history are all locked in a plastic box and might never be saved.


My hubby insisted that I get a new computer, so I picked one out and it is a nice little thing and pretty (I am focusing on the positive).


This past weekend was a complete nightmare and I am glad it is over. My sanity took a hard hit (is it normal for a person to clutch a laptop and beg it to turn on just one more time?).


On the plus side-


Even though we saw 35 deer we did not hit any.

My new laptop is a sporty mini model in metallic blue.

They didn't try to put anything funny in my IV.

My hubby insisted I spend money.


I guess things could have been worse.



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