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Cold hands and feet

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I have morphea and I was wondering how do I know if I have Raynaud's?


I was diagnosed in 2006 when the patches were spreading on my body

and the dermatologist took a look at my hands, but didn't say anything. Does any person that usually has colder hands and feet have Raynaud's?


I'm thinking about my hands now. I always had cold hands.They are normal, no swelling


This winter the skin on top of my knuckles got irritated, reddish, scaly this winter, since I abused them by washing dishes, cold and super hot water, the winter itself. It looked like dermatitis or irritation.

I didn't make anything of it.


When I started to see some different color then I was scared, I thought it could be a new morphea patch coming up. I tried to get an appointment with the dermatology sooner but they didn't have opening at the time.

While I was waiting I used some left over creams I had for morphea,

The reddish skin went away. But now I look bellow the knuckles you know that skin area, it has a shine to it, has become a little shiny. I can see better when I make a fist.


So I'm very scared, wondering if this could be the localized morphea or symptoms of SS. I haven't been able to sleep for weeks with such worries.


I have dermatologist on Friday. I am going to make a list and ask for test.


Sorry for the long post.


Any input?



Monica In PA

generalized morphea /probably + Sjogren's

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Hi Monica,


Welcome to the Forum. I'm sorry you have been so worried, but very glad you joined us. Try not to worry too much - stress isn't good for you!


We have a great page of information about Raynaud's full of information and even some photographs. My doctor diagnosed Raynaud's when he observed my hands changing colors in his office (well, it was very cold!). Not every person with cold hands and feet has Raynaud's and Raynaud's is not always present in systemic sclerosis.


You might also want to look at our Morphea page. I know several of our Forum members also have morphea and hopefully they'll all chime in.


Do you see a rheumatologist as well as a dermatologist? That might be a good idea, especially if you can find one with experience with morphea and scleroderma.


Good luck on Friday. Will you let us know how it goes?


Warm wishes.

Jeannie McClelland

(Retired) ISN Director of Support Services

(Retired) ISN Sclero Forums Manager

(Retired) ISN Blog Manager

(Retired) ISN Assistant News Guide

(Retired) ISN Artist

International Scleroderma Network

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Thanks for your reply...

I wrote here before :-))


Well, I never saw a rheumatologist, but I will probably see one from now on.

I never noticed any change of colors in my hands, ust that they are always cold.


Thanks for chimin in!



Monica In PA

generalized morphea /probably + Sjogren's

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Hi Monica:




I have Raynaud's and I've noticed that my hands and feet will turn icy cold, then when they warm up, the bottoms of my feet and the palms of my hands will turn an instant bright or sometimes very deep red. It looks as if I've just put on a pair of very red gloves, ending right at the wrists.


On other occasions, the bottoms of my feet and the palms of my hands, when icy cold, will turn a very white white, then very red after warming up.


Just within the last two months, my nose has joined in, so all three areas are now affected.


I hope this helps you.


There is a lot of support here, please don't worry. We will hold you up!


Many hugs,



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Hi Monica


I have been having really cold hands and feet (and nose for that matter) for many years and in my case it meant nothing. Only this past year, did my feet start blanching; they don't turn any other colours yet, just the white and go numb/tingle, etc. I haven't been diagnosed with Raynaud's as of yet but I'm pretty sure he's doing his best to try and befriend me lately. Along the lines of what Jeannie said, I can also add that I understand that people can have Raynaud's on their own without any other disease present, and no, just cold hands and feet do not necessarily mean Raynaud's either, so try not to worry yourself if you can. Keep track of all your symptoms and be sure to discuss them with your rheumatologist. This is a great site to ask your questions; there's always someone here who can help. Let us know how your appointment goes.

Sending good wishes your way!

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Hi Monica!


I am new to all this so forgive me if I mis-speak.


I have severe raynauds now and think my cold hands and feet were happening for years before I had a name to put on it. I made a deal with dear husband in 1993 (yes, 16 years ago) that if my nose "felt cold to the touch" we could turn the heater up higher.


My hands and feet however did not start turning purple till about a year ago, though the temporary swelling and red hot stuff has been going on for many years. My hands and feet for now are pretty swollen and have been helped with medications, it is now Raynaud's. I have learned to like gloves, use an ice scoop, can cooler sleeves for my daily soda, and keep the gloves everywhere like the car, purse, and front door, hope this helps you too :)



Diffuse Scleroderma Diagnosed March 2009

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Hello monica,


There is no point having sleepless nights as this is going to aggravate your disease. 80% of people with scleroderma have Raynaud's. Stress, exposure to cold environment like winters will trigger Raynaud's. Finger tips & toe tips are most affected areas; very painful toes &finger tips, change of color either very pale or bluish discoloration. You've got to be very careful in the sense you have to keep your fingers &toes very warm by wearing gloves or socks otherwise you could get digital ulcers and end up losing fingers. There are also medicines available to control Raynaud's attacks. My daughter who is 12 years is suffering with this.



Dr; damayanti

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