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Tomorrow I go for my test results and hopefully get some answers, I have been dealing with this coming appointment well (just a few jitters because she will also be scheduling my lymph node biopsy tomorrow) and am going to treat myself to a nice long bath tonight. It is just after midnight, but since I have been sleeping off and on for the past two days my sleep schedule is shot, so perfect time to have an uninterrupted soak.


I fondly remember the days in my past when I could enjoy a bath without advance planning... to just decide on the fly that I wanted a bubble bath.


These days I have to make many trips to the bathroom with supplies:


A water bottle in case I get thirsty

My cell phone in case I need to call for help

Blood pressure monitor in case I get dizzy

Extra towels so I can roll out of the tub since I can't step out

Radio (with a classical CD)

A book

Nebulizer (in case the shortness of breath sets off an asthma attack)


This might seem like overkill, but there is no such thing as a "short bath" for me any more and I know I will be in there for an hour at least, it takes about twenty minutes just for my heart rate to calm down after getting in the tub, then frequent breaks when hair washing to catch my breath. This means frequent letting out of some cold water and toe-turning the faucet to let in some new hot.


Tonight's scent de jour shall be patchouli, the music Antonio Vivaldi and the book one of Clive Cussler's oldies but goodies.


I had to laugh at myself earlier as I was slowly gathering my "bath loot" together because it never occurred to me before just how much hassle it is to pamper myself, not that it will stop me! :unsure: Hmmm... I wonder of I can get Loki to pull a little wagon for me to get this stuff in there? Whoops, he must have seen that glint in my eye... he just shot like a rocket into his crate and pulled the blanket over his head.


Take care, everyone... time to pamper myself a bit!



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