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Dry Sinuses -- Sjogren's?

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Anyone have issues with dry sinus cavities? For about two weeks I've had horrible sinus headaches off and on and they just feel like they're SO dry they're about to crack. I keep expecting nosebleeds but none yet. Last night the pain was so bad I started to feel sick to my stomach. Also, a small hemorrhage in my eye has appeared at the same time, just below my left iris. I read someone's post about a hemorrhage in their eye and they have Sjogren's? I haven't been diagnosed with that...yet. I do have diffuse scleroderma with interstitial lung disease though and THAT is running rampant right now.

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Hi Robin,


That was me with the hemorrhage~ My rheumatologist uses the term 'sicca syndrome' for my dryness issues.


Dry sinuses? Yes. Mind you, I live at high altitude in what is called a 'semi-arid alpine climate', which is just a fancy way of saying we frequently see relative humidity down in the single digits and people start complaining about it when it gets up to 40%! :lol:


The pulmonologist I see has all her patients uses sinus washes. There is a kit you can buy over the counter at any drugstore. It consists of a biggish squeeze bottle (maybe holding 8-10 fl. oz.) with a special nozzle and packets of a buffering agent - I think that's salt and baking soda. You fill the bottle with distilled water, add the salts, and shake. It comes with complete directions on use, but I haven't had breakfast yet, so I won't go into detail. It does take some getting used to, but really helps.


The other thing you can use are the saline nose sprays that are also sold over the counter. Those are handy to lug along, like you do lip balm.


I'm really sorry your interstitial lung disease is progressing. We've had a lot of new articles recently on Pulmonary Fibrosis Treatments. I also have ILD and know how scary that is. It's great to realize that it's such a hot research field right now. Will you keep us posted on how you get on?


Best wishes,

Jeannie McClelland

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Hi Robin


I have been diagnosed with Sicca /Sjogren's Syndrome and have dry sinus cavities so use a saline nose spray, it does help. I'm also having big issues again with my eyes due to the dryness, I do use drops for them but at the moment they don't seem to help much so I'm walking round with bloodshot eyes which are very sore.


Hope you get the lung issues under control soon.


Best Wishes,



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My nose just about drives me crazy. I don't know how far up into the sinuses it goes. The inside of my nose gets dry and builds up scab like thingies. If I didn't scrape them out they would just about block my nose. I put petroleum jelly as far up the nostril as I can get a cotton swab into. That softens the scabs that makes it a little better and I can remove them. If I put petroleum jelly there when I go to bed it all disappears by morning. I had not thought of this as Sjogren's but with this post in mind perhaps that is my problem.


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