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cute things kids say

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on saturday my grandaughter whos 5 years old, bought me a huge bunch of daffodils..... :rolleyes:

she came in with the biggest smile give me a hug and a kiss and said I love u nana...looking very pleased with herself..we put them in a vase and we both sat looking at how beautiful they were,

then my grandaugher said ....nana do u like your petrodactyls, :lol: bless her she now knows u pronounce them as daffodills hahaha!!!!so cute...

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Kids are too cute! One day my mom was walking with my daughter who was 2 years old to pick up her sister from preschool. After walking for two blocks, she says Grandma I can't walk anymore my legs are broken.




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When I was forced to meet my boyfriend's relatives for the first time, everything went actually really well. All the adults found me a nice person with a pretty face. After the event my boyfriend's aunt called and told that even his 8-year-old cousin had said in the car that "Oh yeah.. she was just like Miss Finland." I found that pretty funny.



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