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Supporting someone who won't eat - help!

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Thanks Susie!


Who could imagine equating eating food with being a chore? I stock up on my favorite foods. Those highest in calories, no substitute ingredients, only 100% ingredients as much as possible.


I'm looking forward to sporting my new title, Granny!





Live well, Laugh often, Love much

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:o Wow, thank you sooo much guys for the input. I really feel so much better hearing other patients and family's perspectives. I might email the thread to my sister so she can print it out and show it to my mum - who is still a bit afraid of the Internets, sadly. Maybe one day I'll coax her in here. This illness, more than any other one I've read, is truly a day by day thing - one day you have a setback, next day you're full steam ahead. Bizarre, eh?


My mum is slowly but surely getting her appetite back - I think once she's in rehab she'll feel far more motivated, since she'll be doing more exercise so that even *she* will feel like eating - that's what happened last year. Also the food at the rehab hospital was quite nice, and they had a cafeteria where you could go and get snacks too, which was handy - we'd just take her down there and offer her something as an option. Like I don't need to tell anyone here, it's so hard to eat healthy and eat a low-salt diet - all the stuff that will get us fat is not the stuff she likes to eat much anyway. Also her anti-depressant is FINALLY kicking in - it's really random when it starts to work, especially if you don't weigh much and your metabolism is out, etc. We've also told them to keep her on it no matter what - that it's just as important as any other medication to make sure she eats. The doctors are doing a calorie count (?) to make sure she's getting what she can, and I think the threat of the Nose Feeding Tube worked.. hehe. My mum was a nurse, and apparently there's also some White Coat Syndrome going on as well - i.e. if family ask her to do something, she might not - but if a doctor tells her, she'll do it ASAP. ;)


Razz, thank you for the baking fiasco line - that was definitely my morning smile :D Good luck with the baking - I like it myself but always know it means a big risk of Flour on the Floor, even if there's not flour in the recipe :D And Judy, my mum LOVES the honey cruellers. Not exactly nutrition central, but tasty and good in moderation :)


Thanks so much everyone... appreciate the support. Hugs to all.

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Hi Rachel,


I was thinking about your mother and wondering if she got out of the hospital and into rehab and if she is improving and developing an appetite. Let us hear from you if you can.


Mary in Texas

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