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Hi, everyone,


I thought I would share a few smoothie tips and recipes, things that are easy to make and adapt to dietary restrictions.


Coffee Smoothies-


I love those chilled coffee treats, but paying so much at specialty stores, especially when money is tight often means dreaming about them instead of enjoying them. Here are some ways you can make them at home and save money.


Brew a pot of coffee at double strength (regular, decafinated or flavored), then place it in a plastic pitcher (not glass, since it might crack) and place it in the refigerator to cool for about an hour. When it is cool, pour it into ice trays and freeze overnight then place the cubes in ziplock style freezer bags, removing as much air as you can before putting them back in the freezer for storage. You can now pull them out as wanted to make your coffee smoothies whenever you want one.


When making a smoothie just place the coffee cubes with equal ammounts of almond milk or soy milk in a blender ans sweeten to taste with your favorite sweetener in a blender or smoothie maker then blend until smooth. You can add flavor extracts to customize your smoothie. One of my favorites is using french vanilla flavored coffee beans, almond milk, my favorite sweetener and a few drops of vanilla extract.



Tea Smoothies-


Tea smoothies are very easy to make as well. Brew your favorite tea then let it cool and freeze the tea as you would the coffee (as seen above). When making the smoothie, you can use fresh tea (cooled one hour), almond milk, soy milk or fruit juice (if allowed) along with honey or your favorite sweetener in the belnder.


A few of my favorites are-

Frozen mint and rosehip tea blended with fresh (chilled) mint tea and honey.

Frozen green tea blended with fresh (chilled) lemongrass tea and natural cane sugar.

Frozen Earl Grey tea blended with almond milk and my favorite sweetener.

Frozen apple cinnamon tea blended with apple juice.


The great thing about coffee and tea smoothies is that once you have the coffee and tea frozen and stored in the freezer bags you can make as much or as little as you want any time you want. The frozen cubes will stay 'good' in the freezer for about three months as long as you are careful to keep as much air as possible out of the bags and place them immediatly back in the freezer after removing the amount you want.


Warm hugs


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Oh boy, Penny, thank you for posting that! There are some really great tips and taste suggestions.


I live quite near to the manufacturer of one of the most popular and readily available 'fancy' tea places and always take friends from out of town to visit the factory (really interesting) and taste a sampling of all their goodies. The only problem is that I always come back with several boxes of new flavors. I've been accumulating them faster than I drink them but now I think I have a chance of catching up!


One question, do you have to go to a health foods store or similar to find almond milk? I can always find soy milk in our local grocers, but haven't seen the almond milk.


Big hugs!

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My local grocery store has a section of "natural organic foods and vegan foods" and I get my almond milk from there, so I have never really had to search further.


If your grocery store does not have almond milk (you can always ask a cashier or manager, because sometimes they have it someplace you would never think of looking) then I think you can get it at a health food store or an Asian Market.


You can also try coconut milk (that is found in the Asian section or drink mixers section of most grocery stores) to mix things up a bit and add a new flavor to the mix, just make sure that you get regular coconut milk and not condensed or concentrated.


Warm hugs


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