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Kathy D

Acne from Prednisone?

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I struggled with acne most of my life til my 30's, it has been a nice 8 years of no acne.


I am now getting deep angry cysts again as well as embarressing pimples on my face.


Thinking I will start using benzoil peroxide and salacylic acid face products again, will this help (and could I make the flat patches on my upper lip that I think may be skin thickening) worse?


I should add that my stress level besides the recent sclero diagnosis is fortunately very low :)


Thanks for any ideas and take good care!



Diffuse Scleroderma Diagnosed March 2009

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Hi KD, I do think it is possible that your acne is due to prednisone. My son developed acne when he was on a high dose of prednisone so the nephrologist reduced the dose and it disappeared.



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