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What ability would you most want to keep?

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Most definitely stamina and the ability to breathe! I can't even walk up a flight of stairs without having to stop 1/2 way. I tried going to 6 flags with my family today and I couldn't even make it up a small hill. Truly a bummer.

~ Teresa~

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It took a while for me to think this one up. Yep I think remembering is what bothers me most. I don't know how much of this is age related. That is beginning to be a problem. I lose stuff, material things and that's not all. I lose words and things I learned years ago. This year I have to take the written test to renew my driver's license. Frightening!! What if I have a losing problem. What if my memory is uncooperative then. And tension makes things worse. I don't think it impairs my driving but I guess it could. There is one good aspect of selective memory. That is I can watch reruns on TV, recognize that I have seen the program before but don't remember enough about it to keep me enjoying it as it might as well be a new program.

Thinking, that is the problem.


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