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Anyone seen my top lip? No? Me either!

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OK, tell all on the subject of fillers! How do they work, how much do they cost, and how long to they last?


Big hugs,

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Well, add me to your "lost lips" episode. Actually, that was one of the first signs, a decreasing mouth size, that my orthodonist noticed as a teen that sent off an alert.


I try to teach my kids to "chew with their mouths closed" which I can't even do. I feel like a real savage sometimes eating. Not that I am being rude, just don't have enough "mouth or lips' to close properly while eating. Anyone notice that?


I do periodically use lip liner to help out a little. I think, like all of you, that I am more aware than others (besides my dental hygienist, bless her heart for having patience) of that feature.


Take care ladies.



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I used to think, nonono not me. yeah right d-e-n-i-a-l! I looked at a picture from when I was 14.... fuller upper lip and potato-shaped nose (kinda ugly actually!!). Now tiny upper lip and pointier nose. My partner tried to tell me that faces change when one grows older. Nice try!!!

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I know exactly what you are talking about! Looking at older pictures of me, I'd swear my nose was much more bulbous on the end. I can now see my nostrils when I couldn't unless I looked up before. People around me tell me I'm imagining it. Yet when comparing older pictures I see the difference.


I've also been told that faces change as we age, yet I thought the nose grew just like ears do. The tip should end up larger and more downward sloped. Mine seems to be doing the opposite.



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Share on other sites, this is one freaky disease! I can well believe that it makes earlobes and noses smaller as well as the mouth. I also heard that the nose keeps growing, how we don't all then end up like Pinocchio caught in a lie, I don't know.


I think we need to make an entry into the Guinness book of World Records for weirdest disease ever! What other disease is so multifunctional?


We rule all forever because we have the weirdest disease ever.


The end.



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