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Hi everyone,


I just recieved a phone call setting up some labwork and once more heard my name being slaughtered (my full name is one that is mis-pronounced more ways then even I thought possible) by someone with my own nickname and it made me think.


My full first name is Penelope (pronounced Pen-el-oh-pee), but I have been summoned into exam rooms and offices by the following:


Pen-lop (as in flop minus the f)

Penny-lope (cantalope's cousin)

Pen-ah-lope-pay (I kinda like the "lope-pay" sound and considered going by that instead of Penny at one time)

Pen-lop-o-lees (this one deserved an award)

Pen-leep-lee (no comment)

Pen.... umm.... long name? (you would be suprised how often I get this one)


It was when the receptionist, who introduced herself as "Penny" to me on the phone mispronounced my name (surprising me since I can only assume we share a name) today that set me to giggling.


It is bad enough I was saddled with Penelope (try learning how to spell that in kindergarden... I could not even pronounce my own name until I was 5) but my parents gave me the middle name of Susan (which I actually like). This might not sound bad, but I was born in a tiny hospital in the middle of the Mountains, so of course, I became Penny Sue (listens for those who start humming "Peggy Sue").


My last name (married) is no better, I will not list it here, but for some reason people keep putting P's in there as well, when there are no P's! (Might be P overload from the two in my first name)


I blame it on the fact that Penelope Pitstop is no longer a cartoon on TV, and The Perils of Penelope were silent films.... that and the fact that The Illiad is not required reading in all schools. (Odysseus faithful wife Penelope wove her tapestry by day and unraveled it by night)


I think this is the reason that I named my children as I did, I gave them recognizable easy to pronounce names (which they don't like as well, go figure) to forstall them living lives never knowing if the person called was them or if there really is a Pen-er-ples-po-lay in the room.


Warm hugs,

Pen-er... Pen-lop-... aw, OK... Penny

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Thanks for the laugh!! Sorry it is at your expense. Hmmm, I really didn't think your name would be so hard to pronounce.




Lisa Bulman

(Retired) ISN/SCTC List Coordinator

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International Scleroderma Network (ISN)

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...how on earth can you mispronounce Penelope?! My favorite one is Penny-lope though. In the future consider a response of "me Penelope you stoopid". :D



Amanda Thorpe

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Made me laugh too Penny! I also liked the Pen-lop-o-lees....can't imagine how anyone could give you so many names, all for the sake of just one! :)

Sending good wishes your way!

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Hei Penelope, I don't find it hard to pronounce your name at all actually, but the reason to this might be that I'm not actually English, I'm Finnish.. :D Teachers have always admired my pronunciation, I don't know why that is but.. ;)


Talking about names, we had this funny situation in our Spanish class once. I used to sit next to a very good friend (male), who's last name is Uusi-Äijö. My last name is Myöhänen. You can imagine how hard it is to travel with those kind of names.. When you gotta spell your name letter by letter, when people call your name somewhere.. Nobody ever gets them right and those names leave people really confused! This is why I usually just show my passport everywhere instead of saying my name out loud.


Well anyway, we were practicing spelling our names in Spanish and yeah you guys can guess how much trouble we two had when it was our turn to do it. The teacher just ended up laughing really hard and the only thing he could say was: "I hope you two are not gonna get married!" Imagine: Uusi-Äijö-Myöhänen wouldn't be the easiest name to travel with..!


(I hope you all can get all the a:s and o:s with dots!)



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