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plaquenil and skin reaction

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I've been on plaquenil for 3 weeks. This past week I developed a weird rash on the outside of both my hands, and have been feeling 'fluish'. I called the rheumatologist and he said to wait it out, if it's not spreading not to worry about it. A few days after I started feeling really sick and assumed since people in the office were sick I should go see my primary care physician and take a day off. He told me that along with the rash and symptoms it looks like there is a viral infection and I need to rest it off. Now my rash is spreading up to my elbows, and looking at some pictures on lupus/plaquenil forums it looks very very similar.


Has anyone else experienced the little red dots everywhere? Did you stop taking the medicine, and did the rash go away?


I'd be really disappointed to stop taking plaquenil. It has really helped a lot with fatigue and swelling for me past few weeks. I wake up and actually feel rested, and able to go through the day.

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Hi Omaeva,


I'm not in the medical field, but here are my experiences. I have a couple of possibilities for you.


Have you changed laundry detergent or dryer sheets or got new carpet or anything? Believe or not, some dryer sheets both irritate my skin and the scent makes me sick to my stomach though other brands don't......


I also recently took a round of antibiotics that gave me a rash though I never have had one before and have taken many antibiotics over my lifetime. I developed little red dots all over my back, then it spread to my stomach and bust-line. They were itchy like dry skin. They went away after I was done with the prescription.


Also, I have felt "flu-ish" on and off for a few years even before I realized anything was wrong; I've read that many autoimmune disorders can make you feel that way.


Most importantly, please go to an urgent care facility if needed, don't fool around with bad symptoms, you need to protect yourself in case one of your organs is acting up:)


Take good care!



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Hi Omaeva,


I'd check back with your rheumatologist, at least, because your rash IS spreading.


Rashes can be caused by so many things. KD mentioned a few.


As an experienced mum, I can confirm that there are viral rashes (measles, to name one). In fact there are so many that one is just called 'Fifth Disease.' Both my 2 older kids had that one. :lol: However, since the rash started on the outside of your hands and is spreading up your arms, it seems like an unusual progression for a virus.


I really would get it looked at again. It's far better to be safe than sorry.


Best wishes, but no hugs in case you might be contagious! You'll have to take a rain check. :D

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:) Definitely not contagious here. I think we'd know at home by now.

I'll definitely call the rheumatologist on Monday and see what he says.


It's just so weird the rash part on my hands had raised bumps the rest is just small rose colored dots, not raised or anything, but definitely visible.

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