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Holding my breath

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I hope I am not experiencing a placebo effect:), I have only been on it for just under a month now.


I think it is starting to work on my fatigue!


I have debilitating fatigue and have been pretty much useless for months, but now I am getting things done in the morning. I still crash in the early afternoon, but those few hours have allowed me to regain some control of my house and get some work done that requires focused thinking.


I have been able to go to the grocery store and actually buy things instead of barely making back to my car with a few bare essentials.


I actually not only make it through showering lately but also can fix my hair and put on makeup.


Though I have Raynaud's most hours of the day, my fingers are just blue, not the deep purple/black they used to be and my ulcers are finally closed up.


It is really gratifying to see my plants greening up after months of neglect.


I hope I am correct that the plaquenil is making these positive changes, let me know if you think it is wishful thinking.



Diffuse Scleroderma Diagnosed March 2009

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That's the way it worked for me! One tip though, holding your breath for long periods of time will cause hypoxia, so breathe, OK?! :lol:

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Hi KD ,


Glad to hear the good news. It took my son a good one month on Plaquenil before his voice came back and he wasn't sleeping all the time. It took about 3 months before he told me his 'esophagus was working'. It is still working after almost 2 years, too!!!


Take care, Everyone.


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