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I was wondering how skin symptoms start. I mean you just don't wake up one day and your skin is like in the pictures one can find online right?


Reason I wonder is because I recently found 2 areas of my skin that are darker all of a sudden... but still soft. It is very subtle but visible. (EEEEEEEEEEEEEK!! PANIC!!) Kinda very upset about this, denial worked so well for me until now. :lol: !

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Hi Eos,


I have the form of systemic sclerosis that (so far) is pretty much internal, so I can't speak from experience about any skin manifestations other than dryness and telangiectasias. I could bore you for hours about those. :lol: I'm sure others will chime in with better information.


What I can do is point you at the information we have on hyperpigmentation. That's skin darkening.


Don't give up on denial yet, but you might show the areas to your rheumatologist on your next follow-up visit. Any new sign or symptom is always worth having checked.


Best wishes,

Jeannie McClelland

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International Scleroderma Network

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Hi Eos, I imagine, as with everything else related to scleroderma, that the skin symptoms probably start differently for everyone. To start with, I was unaware that I had skin symptoms, until the doctor pointed out to me that the lines/ skin folds down the side of my nose had started to disappear. The first symptoms that I experienced myself were sudden but transitory feelings of tightness in the skin on my lower arm, particularly when there was a breeze. These gradually got more frequent and the skin texture began to feel different. My skin also became slightly more suntanned looking - but uniformly rather than in patches.



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Hello EOS


Don't worry you won't wake up one morning to find everything has changed, it takes at least two mornings! :lol:


Seriously, sclero brings so many changes it can be hard to keep track of them all. I went through a phase of having brown patches on my forearms then they just faded away, can't say how long it took for them to appear then disappear. They didn't look great I have to say, so was glad to see the back of them. I have tight skin on my forearms and other places where there were no pigment changes.


Denial seems such a great place to be until you leave it then knowledge becomes the "in" thing. You'll move from one to the other without even realising it and before you know it you're a sclero pro. :D


Take care.



Amanda Thorpe

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It sounds similar about the pigmentation and discolored skin. It first started with swollen feet, then discolored tops of my feet, and they were warm and very tender. Then, painful to walk or even wear socks. Tightening of the skin from my feet, up my shins to my knees came next. Now the thighs are very shiny and will probably tighten soon. All the while I am losing weight. I suppose the muscles and connective tissue are disappearing due to me turning into stone.


But before the skin symptoms, the sclero was wreaking havoc on my finger joints, jaw and wrists. Swelling and arthritis type symptoms as well as carpal tunnel. This all happened in just a few months. I was diagnosed with systemic sclero in January, 2009.


I am sorry you are experiencing this, and hope it doesn't progress as agressively as mine has.


Kindest regards,


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