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Anticardiolipin antibodies (low positive)

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Hi everyone,


I have just had my latest round of bloods done, and will see my rheumatologist in 2 weeks time (my general practitioner has given me my results).


My ANA is still positive, but my ENA which has been positive for a year has now switched to negative.


Also the only other new thing is that I am now low Positive for AntiCardiolipin antibodies IgG and IgM.


Hopefully my rheumatologist will discuss this with me, but since it is a only LOW positive, does this help him in any way towards a diagnosis?

And should there be more blood tests done to check this again?


It also came up that I have varied Lymphocytes in my blood and microcytes (which I always have).


I have had terrible bursitis for the last month in my left hip and right shoulder, could this affect my bloods in any way?


Thanks for any help.




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Hi, Irene. Good to hear from you. Your timing couldn't be better. I usually end up seeing my results after I am in a position to ask questions and by the next time I have forgotten them.


You have formed your questions perfectly. Print out your post in list form and take it with you to your rheumatologist. Ask him to answer all of these points directly.


I don't have any experience which will help you with any of this but here is our page on Antibodies for you to research further. I suspect you have already spent some time there, anyway. :D Let us know how your appointment goes.

Warm wishes,



Carrie Maddoux

(Retired)ISN Sclero Forums Support Specialist

(Retired)ISN Sclero Forums UK Chat Host

International Scleroderma Network (ISN)

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I had IgG & IgM antibodies, my doctor said that she thought possibly Antiphospholipid Syndrome, they base it on clinical criteria & 2 positive IgG or IgM antibody tests around 10 weeks apart (it seems every doctor varies on that though).


Mine were positive both times. I have done a lot of research on them though & have read that sometimes they can bepositive in other autoimmune diseases such as Scleroderma & Lupus. I hope that helps!

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Thanks luvbnmom3 and jefa for your replies!


I am due to see the rheumatologist on Thursday so will pose all my questions to him then.


Will keep you posted!


hugs x

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Want to hear a wild one. I tested on the medium positive for the antiphospholid antibody IGA. I asked the doctor if that had any meaning and he said, I don't know. Don't think so but take an aspirin a day to be safe. Susie54

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Hi ,


Just to let you know how I went with the rheumatologist.


He wasn't concerned about the positive anticardiolipin antibodies, just noted it as interesting and that he will keep an eye on it. so that made me feel a bit better.


He gave me a cortisone shot in my shoulder, which has relieved about 45% of the pain, so it has taken the edge of it, thank goodness, I just hope it lasts.


He said that if my flares don't come under control he may have to add a small amout of Methodextrate in with the Plaquenil, I did a bit of reading about it and it sounds like a strong drug with side effects, so I think I will have to do more reading before I go on it.


thats pretty much it for now.



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Hi Kiwi,



I am glad to hear that. If it were me, I wouldn't worry too much about the APS. Your doctor has you on Plaquenil which does have anti-clotting properties so that could cover the possible APS.


You might want to talk to your rheumatologist about taking a aspirin a day as long as you can tolerate that. The other drugs for APS can have more negative side effects.


Good luck :)



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