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I went to the doctor not too long ago because I had swelling and severe pain in the middle and right side of my stomach under my ribs. They sent me to the hospital where they did a CT scan on me and took blood work on my liver, etc. They said everything came back fine. So the doctor said they were going to send me to outpatient to have an ultrasound, gave me pain pills and sent me home.


Well, my ultrasound showed that I had thickening of the gallbladder wall and that was all. So my regular doctor sent me to have this radioactive test done and it showed that my gallbladder was working correctly.


On May 12th I am going to a gastroenterologist because my doctor doesn't know what is going on. So my question is, has anyone had this happen, just the thickening of the gallbladder wall and what did the doctor say to you?


I have my first rheumatology appointment on May 26th for the scleroderma which I have to drive 3 hours away for. I didn't know if that possibly could have something to do with it.


My doctor also put me on Lactulose because my constipation has gotten so bad that I would only go every 5 - 6 days. Although I am going normally now, I still hurt and am still swollen and my lower back is starting to swell as well. I now have a faint rash appearing on my stomach and sides. So I am not sure what to make of it. If you have any ideas or anything on how to help with the swelling and stuff in the meantime, I would greatly appreciate it.

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