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Hi Shennen,


It appears that scleroderma can cause both hyper (too much) and hypo (too little) pigmentation. We have a few articles on Hyperpigmentation, so it's a documented event in scleroderma. I haven't read anything that says why it happens, but one of the articles mentioned above says that it can be worsened by sun exposure.


Warm hugs from under the sun umbrella,

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Hi Shennen


I too have a very tanned look. I find if I am in the sun too much it is a lot worse. We were looking through some photos the other day and my 7 yr old grandson said...this is Grandma before she went brown. So I guess it is pretty noticable.


Warm Wishes


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Hi Shennen,


I guess it is not necessarily a bad thing. I like my skin when it is a little darker, it makes me look healthier. In the summer I get very dark. I love the sun and should probably practice better "skin care" than I do.





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