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Skin biopsy questions

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Hi everyone.


Well, I told you my rheumatologist finally took my symptoms seriously when he looked at the nailbeds, and this time they were abnormal. He ordered a skin biopsy even though I don't have much sign of skin involvement.


Well, at the surgeons, we had a hard time deciding where to take the skin from. It ended up the top of my wrist, just past the joint on the forearm. The report from pathology only states that there is a slight thickening, slight increase in dermal collagen, but otherwise normal. No pathologic change.


I am wondering if they did all the tests that I've read about, the gene expression testing that comes up if you just search for "skin biopsy for scleroderma" on the net. I don't know if I should make a pest of myself and call the pathology department, or the rheumatologist, but I would really like to know what they did besides look at it under a microscope.


Do any of you know what was checked in a skin biopsy besides looking for collagen that is abnormal?



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My biopsy came back positive for morphea and the dermatologist had the report changed stating scleroderma to have more pull with getting things approved with the insurance company.


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