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Finally got the okay from the insurance for photopherisis. I'm gonna have to get a permanent catheter and am still looking for anyone that has gotten one and has any information on the procedure? Will try to keep posted on progress of the perma cath and photopherisis.

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Hey Paula,


I'm glad to hear the the insurance company approved your treatments. Check with Walt. I know he has been having photophoresis treatments and is from Canada I believe. Are you going to be having your treatments at Yale? I think you said you live in Connecticut as well.

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paula d,


I'm also very glad that you are able to get treatment.


It does sound like you will be in good hands, in regard to the permacath...going to Yale.

Please keep us posted on how you are doing?


In the meantime....{{{{Big Soft Hugs}}}} at your disposal whenever you feel you need them!

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