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He hopes I get better but said there are no guarantees. He said disability is a long drawn out process so I should start now.


He also mentioned that if I do get it but start feeling better I can come off it and go back to work which made me feel better.


Today he started me on Amlodipine for Raynaud's but warned me to stop taking it if I get dizzy since my BP is normal/low to begin with.


He added DHEA, fish oil, and said we should consider Methotrexate but didn't want to shock my system with too many things at once.


If I am still not improving next month he is referring me to Dr Fischer in Denver, as Dr Cohen is booked out 6 months (both doctors are listed on this site for expert care).


Thanks for letting me share:)

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Thanks for the update. I too hope the medications help you feel better. What your doctor said about the disability thing makes sense. I know for some, it has taken a very long time. You never know. I can speak from experience that during the first year I was thinking about disability, but things did get better. I later found a really good part-time job that I can easily manage. Since I love to work, it's been a blessing!


Let us know how your doing on the meds!


Big Hugs,

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