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Could this be the start of a digital ulcer?

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It is wonderful to have another place to come. Thank you to everyone who helped in setting it up.


I was only asking, on Saturday "what does one do, to help stop getting ulcers" I was told, to keep warm. There I was, with open mules. Come May, I am always as barefooted as one can be.


Yesterday, I noticed a red spot on one of my toes and it itches. Could this be a start of an ulcer? What do I do? Go to my general practitioner? How do I tell him how to treat it? Go to a dermatologist?


Does this mean, I will always have to keep my feet covered now:-(

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Hi, Lynne

Isn't this a cool new sub forum? I am definitely not a doctor, but I wouldn't panic about ulcers unnecessarily. I have had itchy spots on the skin of my feet and painful Raynaud's attacks on my toes, but have yet to see any ulcers. Our page on Digital (Finger and Toes) Ulcers has a lot of good information and pictures so you can get an idea what you might be up against.

I was always a barefooter before I came to Scotland and it was difficult for me to learn how to dress properly in this colder climate. I used to wear nothing but the typical German sandals with the moulded footbed. I added socks at first, then went to a clog version. Now I am wearing sheepskin lined pull-on boots. I had one of my worst Raynaud's attacks in July when I went out to bring in an empty wheelie bin that was blowing in a strong wind. It was perfectly warm, but the wind blowing across my toes caused the attack. I usually find that the itchy spots respond well to treatment with a good emollient.

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Hello Lynne


Welcome to the forum, you get a gold star for being the first person to post a question!


Ulcers have also been a concern to me, based on people's experience of them they're unpleasant and can at times become a serious complication.


However my Raynaud's is not as severe as it could be and I am not even sure if I have had them. I did have painful and infected sites on both thumbs that lasted for months but gone by the time I saw my rheumatologist so I'll never really know. Well, unless one comes back of course.


Have a look at our Raynaud's page in addition to the link in Jefa's reply above and ensure you see your G.P. if you think one has developed.


Take care.

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