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Scleroderma overlap with Rheumatoid Arthritis

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Hi Folks


Well I am well concrolled with MTX (methotrexate) and quite moblie and I like swimmimg and walking if flat and the garden.

It's nice to talk to you folks with R.A. (rheumatoid arthritis) AND slceroderma. My mouth is getting tight and skin changeing on hands, finger sore and Raynauds other wise not too bad.


When they told me I had scleroderma it was left too the O.T. (occupational therapist) she was very good and told me she would have too sit me down for a hour and talk too me and that I had something else and was not too go home and look it up till she had spoke to me . She was brillant and drew me diagrams on how it would effects me and had booklets for me . I left very imformed in fact I called it counselling. I was taught how too look after my self by the O.T. WHO'S THE BEST IN WORLD. The team have got me moblie and I have to do what they say too keep like this.


Love chockers /christine

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Hi Christine


You were very fortunate to have such a good introduction to your diagnosis. All I had was a leaflet handed to me by the nurse as I left the rheumatologist appointment.


I didn't take much notice of my new diagnosis, as it just added to the list of 5 other autoimmune conditions I already have.


I was very happy to come across this Sclero site. It is so friendly and informative, without being too scary. There is so much help available here, I don't feel I need to ask the rheumatologist anything when I go back next week.


best wishes Debs

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Hello Debs


It's unfortunate that your experience with the rheumatologist is not unusual. I don't know if it's because they are not familiar with sclero, if it's because it's hard to predict the course of the disease or if it's how the handle giving diagnoses of "life threatening" diseases.


I was familiar with scleroderma so when diagnosed the rheumatologist told me what tests to expect and gave me a leaflet, he would not answer the "how long have I got question?" In fairness he couldn't really know as my internal organ involvement status had not been assessed.


As you say you're now in the right place to get top quality information and support!


Take care.

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