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Chiropodists in Northern Ireland

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Hello Angela


Welcome to this forum!


I don't personally know of anyone to recommend but had a though who you could ask. What about asking a rheumatology department/rheumatology nurse as they may well may be able to recommend someone, feet being problematic in scleroderma.


Our Scleroderma Society U.K. has the details of a number of rheumatologists familiar with scleroderma and there may be one local to you. Have a look at the list on that website, once there click on "click here to download the current list" and you'll be taken to it.


I do hope this proves a fruitful search and let me know if you have any problems with accessing the list.


Take care.

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Hi Angela, I think there will be quite a number of chiropodists who would be able to treat someone with systemic sclerosis if they perform diabetic footcare. All people who have diabetes need to see a chiropodist for footcare as injuries sto the feet may lead to infection and gangrene, similar to people with systemic sclerosis. I would suggest that a good place to ask about experienced chiropodists is your general practitioner practice. Most practices will have someone (often a practice nurse) who has responsibility fo care of diabetic patients and they should be able to point you in the direction of a good chiropodist.



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