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Post Operative Constipation

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Hi does anyone relate to my problem? I have just had a hip replacement and the pain killers just stopped my bowels. Laxatives produced temporary relief but I still feel bloated and things are just not working again yet one week later. Does anyone else have a similar tale and how did they resolve it?

B) B)

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Hello Carol


Welcome to our forum!


I am assuming that you have scleroderma hence posting here as your post doesn't say. Certain painkillers can cause constipation so have a look at the side effects leaflet that came with the painkillers, in addition they may be exacerbating an underlying sclero problem. That being the case we have a page on bowel dysfunction you might find helpful.


I have scleroderma related bowel issues such as constipation and I use Movicol and it works wonders. It doesn't give you that gut wrenching experience some laxative can and can be taken regularly. It's prescription only and comes in full or half strength but it doesn't taste good to me! :P


I would suggest seeing your G.P. not just to get a prescription but also to make sure nothing else could be causing the problem and what they think is suitable for you.


Let us know how you get on and take care.

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Hi Carol, I have ongoing bowel problems- in fact is probably the thing about the systemic sclerosis that causes me the most grief. Like Amanda, i would recommend Movicol- it doesn't give you the gripes . I'm prescribed between 1 and 3 and I find it pretty effective if I take it regularly.


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Hi Carol


Christine here it is you isn't ?

Yes when your body has been interfered with sometimes it will stop bowel from working .

If anything has been handled near the bowel area will stop things moving.


hope you are well otherwise


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Hi All,

Thanks for the advice re Movicol which I am trying, I agree it tastes horrible. The Movicol is over from another time I had problems. So far no good so maybe I am not taking enough . Will try and see my general practitioner tomorrow. Many thanks



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