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Hello everyone,


First of all I should say--for the virtual party--I will bring hot buttery popcorn.


Today I went to a bookstore to order a book. Because I can't stand for long, I searched first of all as I always do for one of those step stools on which to sit down, near my chosen shelf of browsing.


I came across Einstein in one of the books. He was apparently asked once: What does "The Divine" look like? His reply went something like this. Although we can't see everything, it is in everything and from moment to moment that we experience the great mystery.


Sitting there, pondering the vastness, on a little stool, only a foot off the ground, turning pages, imagining more, coping with less, spending time, I heard someone behind me. A young blond woman was requesting a particular book for quitting smoking and declined any further help when it wasn't available.


The sales clerk floated away and I couldn't help myself. I reached out to the young woman and asked what I already knew. "You want to quit smoking?" I said. "Yes," she smiled.


Touching her arm in affirmation, I told her--"You already did." At that point, she didn't know what to say and I carried on. "...because you want to--you will." I went on to tell her about my own desire to quit. Years ago...


I was twenty years old and had been taking a broadcasting course in Vancouver--going into a tiny room, chain smoking and hating it! I told her how I ticked off one day at a time in a quit-smoking pamphlet that spanned seven days. Miraculously, after that, I had never craved a cigarette again!


The woman told me that she was twenty-one and a dancer. She said that she really did want to quit. This is why you have, I affirmed again...and just to make quitting a little more sweet, I added--"You know, when I first smoked, I think cigarettes were about fifty-two cents a pack. (Canadian) What are they now--ten dollars?


After quickly hashing over the awfulness of the habit, we said our good-byes. She was smiling as she left without her book. Maybe she didn't really need it. I looked back down. There was Einstein and his moments and even though I was only a foot off the ground, I was thinking of that woman dancing high in the air. I think she'll be dancing for a long time to come.


Take real good care,



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