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Does methotrexate change your mood?

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I have started taking MTX and have been feeling much more sad than usual.

So I relate to you!

Not sure whether the MTX is actually affecting me by making me sad, or whether I'm just sad because my condition has made me have to stop work and take some time off.

You seen any improvements in your mood? Maybe it's just an initial effect? (i'm only starting week 3 of MTX today)

Hope you are feeling better.

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I have systemic scleroderma and took methotraxate for a year to monitor its effects. I felt I had only half a life. The bad days after the weekly dose, then feeling more or less normal for the other half of the week. In consultation with my doctors, I decided to take things into my own hands and for the last eight months have done a form of meditation for management of the pain. The difference has been remarkable. I know we can't advocate for what might be called 'alternative' therapies, but am I allowed to suggest that fellow sufferers look up 'mindfulness for pain relief'? Some people just can't deal with the idea of being dependent on chemicals for the rest of our lives. I would be really interested in replies to this post.

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Hi Julien,


Were you being given methotrexate for pain or have I misunderstood? It, in itself, isn't a pain medication but is used to treat an underlying condition that may be the cause of pain.


Mindfulness and meditation - as it happens, we have several articles on these very subjects in our section on Managing Pain.


I too use meditation to better manage my pain levels. There are also those of us who can't tolerate most pain medications or for whom the side effects such as constipation, dry mouth, etc. worsen already bad situation and need to find another way to improve our quality of life. However, there does remain, I believe, a time and a place, for pharmacological intervention.


Best wishes,

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Hello Julien


I am on methotrexate as an immunosuppressant and am pleased to say the side effects have worn off. As far as pain relief it's a case of what works for you, for me I am happy to use conventional pill formed relief...ahhh...that's better! :VeryHappy:


Take care.

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